Parents often wonder how a counselling session works and how it affects children. During the process of counselling children express their feelings and fantasies through acting, drawing or telling a story. This helps them share their scary thoughts and that way those are tamed and dealt with more easily. Psychologists work with the world of children mapped out through this method. They analyse and unveil the subconscious connection between the child’s inner conflicts and their behavioural symptoms. An assuring and safe relationship between the therapist and their patient is essential for the effectiveness of counselling.

This accepting atmosphere of trust helps develop the special bond between the child and the psychologist, who, during the sessions unveils the latent tendencies of the child’s personality and helps their integration and therefore their ideal development.

Being a parent is often very hard, there are new challenges ahead of us every day. As a mother or a father you may often feel lost and pose the question ‘Am I doing this right?’ If you are feeling uncertain and in need of guidance or reassurance as a parent and you are looking for professional help, please contact me.