The first booking is followed by an interview with the parent or parents. This is an opportunity to discuss and gain an insight into the child’s problem. During the second meeting with the parent I conduct a detailed anamnesis, in witch we discuss the milestones of the child’s physical and mental development.

The first 4-5 sessions with the child serve to get to know one another and form a trustful relationship. During these sessions I aim to identify the emotional  driving forces of the problem and understand the subconscious actions. In this diagnostic phase besides focusing on the problem defined by the parent I also assess the emotional functions that are strong and work well and the ones that have been damaged during the course of development.

These few sessions are about familiarising with therapy; both the psychologist and the child are “studying” each other and the situation. They usually involve, depending on the child’s age, a lot of games, drawing, building, story-telling and conversations, which give space for imagination and creativity.

For the sake of the effectiveness of counselling, the child usually attends these therapy sessions without parents, but this does not mean their exclusion. On the contrary, parents take a very important part in the progress of therapy. Besides regular feedback and consultation their presence and support towards the child and cooperation with the therapist is essential for positive changes. They also help the child sustain motivation to carry on with the therapy in order to get better.

There is another meeting with the parent or parents at the end of the diagnostic phase, where I give feedback on my observations and propose therapeutic solutions. The parents can also tell me about the changes in their child’s behaviour and emotions and the progress of the symptoms and the problem. At this point we decide together upon the nature of cooperation: whether it is individual or family counselling, parent consultation or an involvement of another professional that the child needs.

The fee for the initial consultation is HUF 8000. Further session fees are customized for each patient. During a therapy in progress only appointments cancelled at least a week in advance will not be charged for.